The Web Store is going on Holiday


Hi guys!
We will be in Copenhagen from July 29th to August 5th and we will look for new brands to offer you in the summer 2012 collection! We want just the best for you!
In the meanwhile, the website will be closed and form the 6th of August all items will be 50-70% off.
So, the website will be on holiday like us!
The store in Ravenna will be open as usual, and you can find 50% sales there.
See you soon!

Summer Sale is Now

Glue Clothings per UNOTRE

Our Legacy Fall Winter 2011-12. Very soon on line.

the box and the iron.

our legacy Fall Winter 2011.12 very sOOn On Line

Fucked up in the head ©© YoungWrists ®®

Young Wrists – I want to die young cos you’re always wrong from Rockit on Vimeo.

new video and free download ep

Tao Brotherhoood

push on the photo

Tao Brotherhoood by Spalato  Wyale

Secondo podcast di Spalato Wyale per il negozio di Ravenna Glue Clothings

Selezione : Filippo Papetti – Grafica : Michele Papetti

SALE at Glue Cløthings ®® Summer Sale is Now on ®®


Grazie a

Qui i suoi lavori

Qui la sua copertina ( miglior cover del mese )

Qui il gruppo della copertina

Qui la pagina dell’etichetta

….quanta roba!!!!

tuttoaltrentapercentodaglueclothingsinviapaolocosta 16.


étant donnés n.1 & glue clothings


In mostra da Glue Clothings fino al 21.07.2011

Grazie  a  Sergio Policicchio &  Laura Dondoli


Ferrara, Postcards from Italy, Baby We’ll be Fine 05.07.2011


Grazie  FERRARA SOTTO LE STELLE , il prossimo anno ancora THE NATIONAL !!***


WOW !!*





03 – 07 – 2011

Yuck are an indie rock band that originated from London, England.

Levi’s 501 + Yuck = Anni 90

Finalmente stasera avremmo l’occasione di vederli live ( e gratis !!! ) qui :