11.12.11 – ” Deck a Dence ” – Glue Clothings


Bustacchini Nicola “Rospo”
classe ’75 
scuole:Liceo Artistico e Accademia delle Belle Arti 
vita:Musicista fallito,scarabocchiatore folle Organizzatore di eventi culturali e musicali di cui nessuno si interessa e imprenditore suicida dalle poche finanze.

Perchè disegno su una tavola?
o meglio,perchè non disegno su una tela?
perchè ho una predilezione verso tutto quello che è trasversale e obliquo.
L’irregolarita’ della forma stimola l’idea che nasce,contro il limite dettato dalla tela o da una forma predefinita.

Domenica 11.12.11 – Glue Clothings Via Paolo Costa 16 

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Look Of The Day. 25.11.11

WOOD WOOD leggings

WOOD WOOD knitted  


ROKIN derby brouge

SESSUN coat 

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Now Online : ” ODEUR A/W 2011 Nocturnal Dreams ”

The Odeur Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 collection takes place in the awakening from the state of nightmare. The collection – named “Nocturnal Dreams” – is based on the combined feeling of fear and relief reflecting a peculiar yet somehow familiar mix of darkness and hope. The dark color palette used for the “Nocturnal Dreams” collection, including variations of black, dirt and charcoal, is set in contrast to the bright white and the sober dusty color. As one of their signatures, Odeur again focused in particular on the details in their “Nocturnal Dreams” collection. Zippers, prints and buttons made of gun metallic colors complete the silhouette. This time, the unisex collection is somewhat more solemn than the earlier Odeur collections. A playful connection to the overall silhouette, a focus on details and unexpected cuttings characterize the unique style of Odeur and their fashion more than ever.

Available at Glue Clothings On Line and In Store.

Odeur Autumn/Winter ’11 runway at Berns, Stockholm, February 1, 2011.


Odeur Autumn/Winter ’11 from Petter Hollström on Vimeo.

New Arrival : Soulland Fedora Hat

Nuovi arrivi.

Direttamente da ” Copenaghen ”  sono arrivati i ” Fedora Hat ” di SOULLAND completamente fatti a mano.

Soulland // Making the Adler Fedora from Soulland on Vimeo.

Garage Glue Permanent Marker

Marco Velardi ( Apartamento ) and Christopher Nying ( Our Legacy ) – Marching Ahead

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a project started by the German automobile company Mercedez-Benz. The initiative engages contributors from various creative fields to introduce something or someone whom they personally consider avant-garde. The result is a very intimate look into the creative minds of our day. The latest contribution follows Milan-based founder of the interior magazine Apartamento, Marco Velardi, and Christopher Nying, o-Founder and designer for Our Legacy. The two share their mutual respect for their work and how their work continues to inspire each other.

Instead of perfectly styled interiors, Apartamento shows apartments the way they really are; lived-in, sometimes untidy, and not perfect but all the more personal and interesting. Marco introduces fashion designer Christopher Nying (Our Legacy).





Our Legacy F/W 2011 available on line & in store at Glue Clothings.



Based around men’s basic wardrobe demands, Our Legacy founders Jockum Hallin and Christopher Nying has, in only six years, perfectly managed to establish a relaxed but well-dressed look. Much of the brand’s focus is on the fabrics and cuts, often not just through great quality but also with an unconventional approach sometimes resulting in ill-fitting proportions and ruggedly structured materials, as we’ve seen in the last few collections. With ‘Impressions’ for this Autumn Winter and last season’s ‘Observations’, there’s an almost academic and philosophic approach to clothes; these pieces will not go out of fashion because they never were fashion. They might be part of a style, but it’ll always be the style of the wearer, not the brand.

In menswear especially, it is key for brands to find the balance between style, affordability, quality and wearability. A subtle and earthy colour palette on top of that and you’re good to go. Our Legacy delivers on all accounts, creating a brand that, if anything, encapsulates a lifestyle more than just a style. The design duo and art director Tony Cederteg’s reference points are as unexpected as they make perfect sense; 80s vintage Armani, Helmut Lang threads from the 90s, Wu-Tang Clan, hardcore punk, photography books and art installations shape the Our Legacy look.

These factors also form the foundation of the long standing friendship between Our Legacy and Très Bien Shop. Having started out at about the same time, Our Legacy has a special place here, and today we even share a retail space. Our ‘Welcome’ shop is located in Stockholm’s Östermalm area and carry parts of the Our Legacy collection and selected items from the Très Bien stock, as well as special items and one-offs. Nying and Cederteg also run Libraryman, an independent publishing company specialising in art and photography books, adding to the idea of a brand obsessed with the greater image, not just details.


Now ON LINE : Henrik Vibskov f/w 2011 ” The Eat ”



The name Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with a fashion label..















Now On Line : ” Han Kjøbenhavn Parka Orange ” F/W 2011

It is getting cold, that is for sure. Han delivers this parka for the season. It remains a clean look; the details are not over the top with focus put into making the parka a proper garment to keep you well.Wool lined on the inside with a touch of contrast on the exterior pulls.



Exclusive in Italy for Glue Clothings.

Glue is ON LINE F/W 2011









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Glue Clothings Fall/Winter 2011

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Fall/Winter 2011

Glue Clothings

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