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With a peerless approach, we bring fine threads and hand cut sleds that aim to challenge the dull presumptions of surf and design. OH DAWN arises from the surf collective, Shredsled Society. We believe in classics, chaos, clean lines and lots of high quality sweat. A small band of craftsmen and creatives, we are hell bent on making quality goods that reflect this blend of opposites.


OH DAWN is a lifestyle label founded in 2011.


In Store and On Line http://www.glueclothings.com/products-page/oh-dawn/

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Oh Dawn A/W12 In Store and On Line – Glue clothings


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Glue Clothings A/W12 – In store and On Line

Norse Projects A/W12 – A Product Of The Cold Cold North

In Store and On Line : http://www.glueclothings.com/products-page/norse-projects/


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